Transition to Winter Workouts

by Lemony 1 on November 18, 2014


Your alarm goes off-instead of the sun rising, it’s dark outside. You pull the blanket over your head and insist your body to go back to sleep.

This happens a lot with me, especially in the winter. Who wants to run at 7 in the morning if it’s 40 degrees outside? The transition is sometimes too much. But what are your options? Joining a gym? Doing inside Yoga? Taking you away from the freedom you have when you are running outside?

Here are some ways to make your transition to winter easier-

-Work out midday instead of in the morning or at night

-Start your work out sessions indoors

-Check the weather and work around it

-Get the proper gear

-Take a new class

-Participate in winter sports

There are a few ways to transition, but most importantly, you just have to do it! You’ll get used to it in the long run and your body will thank you.

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