Can I eat during my cleanse?

by Lemony 1 on March 8, 2010

We get this question a lot. The email is usually sent the second or third day of the cleanse with Lemonade Cleanse To Go, which are the most challenging days of this detoxification cleanse. We know it can be tough, especially if the cleanse was not carefully planned.

So what kind of food can I eat while I’m on the cleanse? Well, the short answer is none. The original master cleanse states that in order to achieve the full detoxification benefits of the cleanse one should only be drinking the lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper mixed with water, the salt water flush, the herbal laxative tea, along with mint tea and additional water during the full duration of the cleanse. The purpose is to allow your intestines time to rest and for your body to purge all the built-up waste.

Having said all that, we understand that it is sometimes just not possible to complete the cleanse by the rules. The reasons can vary, but if you’ve done the cleanse, you know when you’ve reached that wall, and you just don’t think you can continue. If that happens, and you decide to have some food, make sure you choose wisely. Do not have a greasy burger and fries! You’ll feel absolutely sick to your stomach! If your intention is to continue the cleanse, then have a very small portion of steamed or raw vegetables. You may find that a few bites will be enough to get you through the tough times and allow you to finish the rest of the cleanse. This of course is not the optimal way to cleanse, but it may be the only way for some. Don’t beat yourself up! There’s always next time. You are still better off having done the cleanse with eating some vegetables than just going off the deep end and giving up completely.

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