"We love our hassle free master cleanse"“Your product is fantastic.  For several years we have done the Master Cleanse at least once a year.  We always felt we should do it more often because of how great we feel during and after.  The hassle has been our lifestyle.  To find a time when we did not have weddings, birthdays, travel or other interruptions has always been so difficult.  We did not like making a big scene by carrying our pre-mixed juice and having to explain to everyone what we were doing.  With your product we were able to do the cleanse when we had two wedding receptions on the schedule.  We just  put a few packets in our pocket and simply ordered water at the table.  We did not disrupt anyone else from having fun, and it worked great.  We also find it so much more convenient at work and other places where refrigeration was a problem.  We now feel free to blend homemade drink when convenient and use your packets at other times.  It will allow us to be healthier and able to do the cleans much more frequently.  Thanks for your innovation and meticulous attention to making the preparation as close to nature as possible.”

Ed and Betty Coda
Authors, Passionate Parent Passionate Couple
Honolulu, HI

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“I used the Lemonade Cleanse To Go for a ten day cleanse. I lost 18 pounds and felt great during the cleanse. I am in construction and found the single serving stick packs to be incredibly convenient as I just added the powder to the bottled water I always carry in my truck. I could not have completed the cleanse and jump started my weight loss program without the Lemonade Cleanse To Go. I plan to do regular cleanses using the Lemonade Cleanse To Go to maintain my weight and health.”

Bruce S
Calistoga, CA

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“As someone who has had life long commitment to physical fitness and wellness, I was excited to try the lemonade cleanse not only for the physical benefits I believed it would offer, but for the mental challenge as well. I wanted to know if I could do it. The first few days were probably the most difficult as my appetite adapted to only consuming the lemonade cleanse drink, but almost immediately I could feel my body changing. I slept much deeper and peacefully at night, my sense of smell was heightened, and some chronic joint discomfort I’d been dealing with seemed to subside. By the end of the cleanse, I had lost 10 pounds, my cholesterol level dropped, my skin looked great, but more than anything else, I FELT better. And to me, feeling healthy outweighs most anything else. I would recommend the cleanse to anyone who is up for the challenge. I was so glad I did it.”

Renny M.
San Francisco, CA

* * *

“this stuff really makes doing something that would otherwise be cumbersome so simple… I stopped at day 6 only because I had a bunch of pre-scheduled events and didn’t know how breaking the fast would go… from beginning to end… it was easy… less of 2 days of weird soreness… lost between 1/2″ – 2″ and some lbs….”

Donna K
Bainbridge, WA

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