Side Effects of the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet

Benefits of Lemonade DietThe master cleanse lemonade diet is a short term fasting cleanse that involves drinking a lemonade made with water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper (click here for master cleanse directions) while fasting from other foods. This fasting cleanse can be very challenging because food is such a large part of our lives and our bodies are used to the routine of eating and the fuel provided by the food.

Fasting and the lemonade solution cause loosening of waste build-up from our digestive system and the elimination of toxins. This stirring up of waste can cause some physical discomfort. In fact, these side effects can be viewed as a sign that the master cleanse is doing what it is suppose to do and that our body is riding itself of the toxins.

While uncomfortable, these side effects are generally mild and tolerable. Furthermore, the side effects are temporary, and for most pass after the first three days of the cleanse. If you are considering doing the master cleanse lemonade diet for the first time, you will be better prepared if you know the full range of possible side effects, which we have listed below. Knowing the side effects will help you decide whether you are up to the challenge of doing the cleanse.

Possible Side Effects
Master cleanse side effects

• Nausea
• Fatigue and irritability
• Headaches
• Acne, heavy mucus
• Body chills and aches, cold-like symptoms
• Bad breath, coated tongue
• Food cravings
• Frequent trips to the bathroom with discomfort and slight burning from the cayenne
• Stomach cramps from the laxative tea

None of these side effects are debilitating, and are really minor when compared to the health benefits you receive from the fasting cleanse. Furthermore, they generally only last a few days, with the first three days being the toughest. Additionally, these side effects are unlike side effects from prescription medication, which can be quite scary like blood clots and even death, and can last as long as you’re on the treatment.

Some of the side effects, such as fatigue and irritability are related to the fluctuation of your energy level. Other side effects, such as headaches, may be caused by the withdrawal from substances such as caffeine, alcohol, smoking/nicotine, and not directly related to the cleanse.

Food means so many things to us. It provides so many emotional triggers. Food can be an expression love (just think of Mom’s apple pie) and it’s a big part of many celebrations. Many people also use food to sooth our problems. So fasting can be very challenging emotionally and mentally.

You may experience extreme cravings and signals to feed your body what it is accustomed to. Our addiction to food is hard to combat, and our body may react severely to any change.

How to Minimize the Negative Side Effects

No matter how minor the side effects, it’s always better to minimize the discomfort. You can do that to a certain extent with proper preparation for the cleanse. With proper advance preparation, such as reducing your meat intake and eliminating caffeine over a few days, your adjustment to the fast will be much easier.

Drinking the lemonade consistently throughout the day beginning early in the morning will help you avoid swings in your energy level and hunger pangs you must then overcome. Because many of the side effects are due to toxins that have been loosened in your system, you need to flush the toxins out. That’s why it is important to complete a salt water flush each morning and drink a cup of laxative tea each evening to help flush out the toxins from your body. This will help you feel better quicker.

It’s Not All Bad – Benefits of a Fasting Cleanse

Benefits of CleansingSide effects are not necessarily all negative. The master cleanse lemonade diet can also result in some positive side effects. If there weren’t any positive benefits, who would do a fasting cleanse, right? In fact, the popularity of the fasting cleanse would indicate that the positive benefits outweigh the temporary discomforts. Here are just some of the positive side effects of the fasting cleanse.

• Increased energy level
• Weight loss
• Jumping off point and motivation to change to a healthier lifestyle
• Improved will power from exercising your mental muscle
• Improved awareness and connection to signals from your body

Although the main purpose of the lemonade diet is not for weight loss, weight loss is frequently a desired side effect for a lot of people. For those interested in weight loss, completing a cleanse can often help them overcome a plateau.

Of course, there are the usual disclaimers that come with a cleanse. Fasting cleanses are not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, elders, and those people who have heart ailments and/or other chronic conditions. If you have any questions about whether the master cleanse lemonade diet is appropriate for you, you should consult with your doctor.